Children Use Earned Money to Support Missions at GoGlobal 1Day

Teaching children money skills can be tricky, but an event earlier this month showed kids the value of giving back to God.

Global Disciples’ campaign GoGlobal 1Day runs through the summer and invites people to think differently about missions and how they can creatively contribute to the Great Commission. The GoGlobal 1Day campaign culminates in a celebration where people can learn about Global Disciples’ mission to reach the least-reached with the Gospel and how they can get involved.

“It’s a lesson in generosity for families and kids,” says Global Disciples’ Communications Vice President Wendy Nagle. “They can be missionaries in their own backyard and they can also be part of the giving opportunity and the praying opportunities to reach people just like them around the world.” 

This year, the GoGlobal 1Day event took place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on September 6th. Approximately 300 adults and kids participated in GoGlobal 1Day.

But a surprising and joyful result was how the children responded.

Andrea Brubaker, a board member with Global Disciples and a long-time supporter, was enthusiastic about organizing a way kids could participate in GoGlobal 1Day. As a music director at her church for 22 years, Brubaker enjoys writing musicals and drama for kids to perform and decided to incorporate this into the event.

Brubaker says, “It was a way to involve them and get them to learn about GoGlobal and also get them to be missional right on the stage as they share about the love of Jesus.”

For each child who performed at GoGlobal 1Day, Brubaker gave them $10 as an honorarium in the form of one $5 and five $1s. She then talked to them about honoring God with our talents and resources and giving back to Him.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh