Are You Worshiping Songs Instead of God?

By David Santistevan

Songs. We sing a lot of them. We write them. We hear them. We pick them out for every weekend service. If you’re a worship leader, songs are your currency. You can’t exist without them. But have you ever felt like you were worshiping worship songs?

For me, songs are a love/hate relationship. I enjoy them. I like singing them. But when it comes to worship, I feel like we tend to worship them.

Wouldn’t that be interesting if the very vehicle designed to help us worship actually kept us from worshiping?

Songs can get in the way of the real thing. We know how to sing but we’ve lost our ability to pray. We know how to pick songs but we don’t really know how to lead worship. We feel comfortable behind our guitars but don’t know how to lay our hands on the sick.

We attend worship events to hear our favorite bands and sing our favorite songs, but are we really connecting with our Maker?

I’m calling worship leaders to more of the real thing. Maybe we need to lead less worship and learn how to read our Bibles again. Maybe we need to lay aside our talents for a season and re-capture a heart for the lost. Maybe we need to get off the stage and have conversations with suffering widows. Maybe. Just maybe.

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Source: Church Leaders