Michael Brown on How We Can Help Celebrity Christians

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Back in the 1990s, while I was preaching in Finland, my translator told me a sad story. He had watched with concern as a number of famous Finns had come to faith, including some famous athletes. Overnight, they were speaking at churches and put on a national platform, as if they were tried and tested and true. But in the years that followed, every single one of them fell away.

How can we help prevent this from happening to famous celebrities who become true followers of Jesus?

First, we need to get God’s perspective on the conversion of a celebrity.

In His sight, this is just another sinner saved by grace. The angels are not gathering together in stunned awe, saying, “Can you believe it?” Jesus is not hoping for a selfie with the newly saved star.

To the contrary, heaven is rejoicing because a sinner got saved, not because a celebrity got saved.

That should be our perspective too.

Just another guilty human being, loved by God, fallen and frail, now redeemed by a wonderful Savior.

If we keep that perspective, we will not only help the celebrity grow. We will also help ourselves keep our focus where it belongs—on the only one worthy of adoration and worship.

Next, we should remember that a new believer is a new believer. Period.

And so, if this celebrity is truly born again, he (or she) needs nurture rather than adoration and needs to be taught rather than to teach.

We can hurt them by putting them on a special platform, as if they were a seasoned veteran of the cross.

We can hurt them by looking to them as spiritual leaders when, at best, they are very new converts.

We can hurt them by equating celebrity status with Christian maturity.

If these “stars” are true followers of Jesus, they will face temptations every day that most of us could not relate to, given their fame and fortune. Are we praying for them to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, in godly character, in purity?

We should ask how their conversion will affect their professional life. What of their contractual obligations? What of money they have made on worldly actions and sinful words? Will they be able to stand strong when loss of income challenges their commitment to Jesus?

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SOURCE: Charisma News