CEEM Inspires Economic Empowerment in the Black Community at L.A. County Fair

Cooperative Economic Empowerment Movement

The LA County Fair is celebrating decades of pop culture and nowhere will it be more in evidence than this weekend with the CEEM Takeover Weekend, an event that promises 3 days packed with African-American community and history through entertainment, art and culture. With the Fair’s 2019 theme of Pop Culture, the Cooperative Economic Empowerment Movement (CEEM) has teamed with the LA County Fair to recognize and celebrate the unique and remarkable contributions of the African-American community in terms of art, film, fashion, sports, and music.

“Nowhere in America do we have a representative share of business revenue,” says CEEM founder Reggie Webb. “Changing this paradigm is essential to improving our economic health and increasing the number of our families that are middle class. CEEM is here to change that by uniting our community around our market potential and providing support to Black-owned business and individuals that allow them to operate successful enterprises while committing to operate in line with shared core values that create a community ethic driving greater prosperity.”

This year’s lineup includes positive hip-hop artist Ray Wimley and Los Angeles based Brunch 2 Bomb; singer, songwriter Candace Boyd; social media superstar Rujohn featuring King Bach & Friends; pop soul musician Major; and gospel artists Karen Wiggins and Rubi Greens. But CEEM’s reach and mission goes far beyond musical entertainment.  Sponsored by McDonald’s Black & Positively Golden campaign, a movement to uplift communities and inspire excellence through education, empowerment and entrepreneurship, CEEM’s takeover weekend will showcase historic exhibits, expert panels led by African-American entrepreneurs, a student-led pop culture art exhibit, an interactive Kids Zone, delicious soul food from a variety of Black-owned businesses and an inspirational Gospel Sunday. Says Kyle Webb, CEEM’s CEO and son of entrepreneurial visionary Reggie Webb, the event “offers the community a fun and interactive experience that will celebrate our rich pop culture heritage, offer a path forward by seeking creative ways to disrupt the culture, shine a light on our experiences, and further CEEM’s mission to build wealth within our community.”

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Source: Black Press USA