Alabama Family Finds Bible Miraculously Unscathed from House Fire, Sees It as a Message from God

(GoFundMe/Scott Byrd)

An Alabama family came home from church to find their home ablaze in January. The fire destroyed almost all the family’s possessions, but miraculously, a Bible remained unharmed.

“The fireman comes out, and he has tears in his eyes,” veteran Scott Byrd tells Fox Nation’s “Ainsley’s Bible Study.” “And he says, ‘You have to come and see this. … You’re not going to believe it.'”

The fireman showed Byrd the Bible, which his grandfather had given him. It smelled of smoke but didn’t even have a burn mark on it.

Byrd says he had been going through a rough time leading up to the day of the fire. His 2-year-old daughter, Shelby, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, and her chemotherapy treatments caused horrible side effects. She is now in remission.

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SOURCE: Charisma News