Anna Bohach on Satanic Drag Queens Are Coming for Your Children

“Miss Kitty Litter” reading to children at a “Drag Queen Story Hour” in the Austin Public Library in Austin, Texas. | Courtesy of Mass Resistance

Satanist Drag Queens are after the children of a small suburb of Austin, Texas and they will do anything to destroy people who stand in their way. Two Christian Cedar Park City Council members, Tim Kelly and Dorian Chavez, decided to take a stand against a Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) hosted at the Leander Public Library. As a result of their decision to peacefully pray in protest of a pedophilic and misogynistic story hour, they have been harassed, threatened, doxxed, and a petition is circulating to have them removed from the city council.

The local Satanic church and witch coven are actively casting spells and hexes on good Christian men who made a stand for the dignity and safety of women and children. They are holding Black Masses in the city park in order to intimidate anyone who dares to speak out against them. All that is missing is for them to be wearing white hoods and burning crosses in order to stop anyone from speaking out against their Womanface and promotion of pedophilia.

Long gone are the caricatures of drag queens as clownishly quaint entertainment for a sub-group of a sub-group of sexually-isolated fetish followers. Nowadays, they want, nay, they demand, that you openly declare your support for their desires, which is focused, like a laser-beam, on your children.

Their desires are as understandable as they are sick and twisted. None of their sexual debauchery leads to procreation, and if by some miracle it did, they would murder the child anyway by abortion, for they, along with their Satanic cohorts, are great supporters of the abortion industry. But yet, you are required to allow your children to be exposed, in fact, folded, into their lifestyle. It used to be that decency laws protected children from sexual predators. Instead, public institutions, such as libraries, are being used under the auspices of government authority to diminish what few protections society still has set aside for the children.

This sounds like the plot of a badly written horror story but it is, in fact, a reality. We have seen this dark and twisted pageant of absurdity unfolding across the United States in the last few years. Men don Womanface and demand access to young children in libraries and schools. They desire to read queer stories to teach them to accept deviant sexual practices and to reject biological sex. The point of DQSH is not to promote being kind and accepting, but to groom children into a dangerous sexual lifestyle for the deviant pleasure of the groomers.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anna Bohach