Pastor Clay Scroggins on Four Ways to Build Your Emotional and Spiritual Health Amid a Constantly Distracted Culture

Distractions are everywhere: From smartphones to constant internet access, the opportunity to tune out the world around us knows no bounds. Like never before, society’s 24/7 consumer culture and obsession with busyness allows us to numb emotions and avoid inconveniences for the promise of something better. 

But according to Buckhead Church Pastor Clay Scroggins, distractions aren’t innocuous — in fact, they’re a problem of epidemic proportions.

“Distractions get in the way of your ability to grow as a person and a leader,” he told The Christian Post. “They pull you away from things that truly matter. We use distractions because we have emotions and feelings inside of us that are coming from uncomfortable places; places of brokenness and pain. We’re losing the ability to deal with these emotions because we’re so used to turning up distractions and avoiding them.”

“We’re the most stressed, depressed, anxious, and most medicated society in history, and it’s because we can’t deal with the emotions inside of us because we’re so used to distracting ourselves from them. All of us are prone to it, and it’s a drug. It’s what we use to cope and avoid and distract and mask anything we don’t want.”

Scroggins speaks from personal experience. The leader of a 9,000-member Atlanta megachurch, husband, and father of five, he was dismayed to discover his own tendency to both willfully and subconsciously choose distractions over engaging with those around him.

“I realized how rarely I pressed pause to discover and listen; how often I turn up the noise in my life,” he admitted. “Loneliness, shame, guilt — we need to deal with these negative emotions, or we won’t become better people or trend toward emotional health, which is what God wants for everyone because He created us as emotional beings.”

Social media, for example, is “wreaking havoc” on our lives, the pastor warned. He pointed out that Instagram recently changed its algorithm to dictate the order of the posts that users see when they’re scrolling through their feed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett