E3 Partners Trains Teens to Share the Gospel

Thousands of young adults are leaving the church, but raising teen leaders for evangelism may change this statistic.

Lifeway research reported in January that 66% of young adults between 18 and 22 stopped attending church regularly for at least a year.

E3 partners is changing this by working with teens to train them on spreading the Gospel and becoming Christian leaders.

Jeff Johnston from e3 says, “Ultimately, God can use anyone to spread His Kingdom.”

He adds, “We think that, especially with kind of the numbers that we’re seeing, as far as people in the United States walking away from the faith, after… they graduate high school, we think that there’s an emphasis that needs to be placed on raising up strong Christian leaders at a young age.”

To do this, e3 works with churches to provide evangelism training, called “4 fields training“. This training works for those wanting to evangelize on a mission trip or in their own community.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Sarah Traill

Teen evangelists are bringing people to Christ as they become tomorrow’s leaders