Pastor Shane Idleman Says the Consciences of Californians Have Been Seared

Most might agree that California is slipping into an ocean of political correctness … from forced vaccines and protection of criminals to the handcuffing of law enforcement officers to homelessness and financial woes. Are there answers? I believe there are, but it begins with the difficult process of self-examination and taking personal responsibility.

I respect the offices of government. I’m assuming that most are sincere in their efforts, but we can be sincerely wrong. Clearly, our consciences have been seared. For example:

  • When we are worried about plastic straws but not babies in the womb, our consciences have been seared. I’m all for cleaning our oceans, but the safest place in the world—the womb—is now the most dangerous. Moreover, a bill was recently passed that opens the door for abortions on college campuses.
  • When we call ourselves a sanctuary state but lack safety and refuge for our own citizens, our consciences have been seared.
  • When public schools (originally created to teach the Bible) promote evolution and say that we are animals without hope and purpose, our consciences have been seared. Noah Webster, the Father of American Scholarship and Education, said, “In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government, ought to be instructed.”Sadly, in order to be politically correct, Noah Webster’s Scripture references have been withdrawn from more recent editions of the dictionary that bears his name. (For more on what the Founding Fathers actually believed, download my free e-book, One Nation Above God.)
  • When we allow transgenders to read to our children and pass resolutions telling pastors to embrace LGBTQ beliefs, our consciences have been seared. The pulpits do not need to be silenced, they need to be unshackled and unhindered. Repentance is the only hope for anyone caught in a destructive lifestyle. Pastors who fear God more than man will do just that—preach the full counsel of God’s truth including repentance. (For more, listen to my hour-long interview on Fox News and watch a short clip, “This Pulpit Won’t Be Silent,” here.)
  • When Sacramento passes bills to protect pedophiles and harm law enforcement officers, our consciences have been seared. In August, our state-approved one of the strictest deadly force measures in the United States. Officers can now be in fear of losing everything, including possibly being charged with murder if they use deadly force. We have lost our minds. Do we really want to handcuff our law enforcement officers this way? Yes, there is always a need to improve, but throwing out the baby with the bathwater is not the answer. Did you know it’s no longer a crime in California to refuse to assist a police officer if they need help? God help us. We’re going to run off all committed officers and leave California crime-ridden and open game. To our elected officials: Do you not see the enormous lack of wisdom here?
  • When homeless people are treated like trash on the street without value or worth, our consciences have been seared. Multi-millions cannot build on an eroded foundation. We must acknowledge God and turn to His wisdom.
  • When we call all those who belong to a certain political party “racists,” we have clearly lost our way. Historically, conservatives rather than liberals fought against slavery. Did you catch that? It was the Republican party that opposed slavery to the point of war. Simply read the biography of Ulysses S. Grant to see how many men died on American soil in the Civil War fighting to free slaves. It is estimated that in some areas one out of five families lost a husband, father, son, or brother fighting in this catastrophic war. When the media lies and twists our nation’s history to sway voters and cause chaos, their consciences have been seared.

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Source: Christian Headlines