Men and Women Share How Jesus Delivered Them from LGBT Lifestyle at Freedom March in Orlando

Former LGBT persons testify at Freedom March at Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Florida, on Sept. 14, 2019. | Photo: The Christian Post

Freedom March founder Jeffrey McCall was depressed and suicidal when he was living as a transgender prostitute.

“I had no joy,” McCall told The Christian Post. “I had to be drunk or high to go out with these men or perform at a club.”

McCall had been diagnosed by a doctor with gender dysphoria and lived “in homosexuality” and as a trans-identified woman.

“I identified as Scarlet, Scarlet was the name I went by,” he said.

That is until “in 2016, I got radically saved and my whole identity changed,” he explained.

McCall organized the Freedom March in Orlando earlier this month where he and others shared how Jesus Christ transformed their lives and delivered them from the LGBT lifestyle. They proclaimed to the hundreds in attendance, “We do exist.”

Today, McCall said, his “life is joy and peace and love.” “I love to help people. I love to bless people. I just love people and that’s God.”

When asked if he believed Jesus sets people free from homosexuality, McCall answered, “Yes, He does.”

“I’ve seen testimony after testimony, person after person who was set free from that identity and [now] knows that the Lord created a man and a woman to be together in marriage and that that is a covenant, that is holy to God and it’s a beautiful thing,” he said. “I’ve even seen people that later on, years after healing, wound up getting married and having children. It’s a restoration of the true form that God created.

“I will say if you’re struggling with anything of your desires and you’re dealing with any LGBTQ identity, that Jesus loves you, He died for you. If you weren’t worth anything, Jesus Christ would not have been crucified for you. You are worth more than jewels and diamonds and pearls. He has a new identity for you. He predestined you to be in His image, He knew when you were formed in your mother’s womb. Take time and just call out to the Lord and I promise you He’ll meet you where you’re at.”

Luis Javier Ruiz is a survivor of the 2016 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub and a board member of Freedom March. He has left homosexuality and started a ministry called Fearless Identity with another Pulse survivor, Angel Colon. Their ministry helps churches effectively share the love of Jesus with the LGBT community and he said that, in turn, brings about the change.

“I was like a lot of people, I was struggling with same-sex attraction. I was struggling with a lot of rejection, a lot of pain, not even sexuality. There was so much rejection in that,” Ruiz told CP. “Long story short, I ended up at Pulse nightclub and came to Jesus. A lot of people say, ‘Well, it was PTSD.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, I’m glad that I had PTSD with Jesus.’”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law