Couple See the Hands and Face of a ‘Guardian Angel’ in the Ultrasound Scan of Their Miracle Baby After They Were Told They Could Not Have Children 

The couple were shocked to see what they believe is a guardian angel (top right) in the 12-week scan

A young couple who were told they couldn’t have children have spoken of their shock at seeing a ‘guardian angel’ in the ultrasound scan of their miracle child.

Britainy Clark and her partner James Grouvel, both 24, were told by doctors that they wouldn’t be able to conceive because of Ms Clark’s endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition that sees womb tissue grow on other parts of the pelvis such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Ms Clark, who lives in Swindon, said it was Mr Grouvel who pointed out she might be pregnant when she started getting sick.

She refused to believe him until she took two pregnancy tests that came back positive.

When the delighted couple went to get the first scan at 12 weeks, Ms Clark became worried that something ‘wasn’t right’.

She told the Mirror: ‘I sent the photo to my auntie and mum in a group text as I thought there’s something not quite right about it.’

Both women agreed they could see a face and hand in the picture of the scan and Ms Clark’s auntie put forward her theory.

Ms Clark added: ‘My auntie said that there’s a guardian angel looking over the baby which I thought is quite sweet.’

The couple have now started to prepare for the arrival of their first child.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Isabella Nikolic