Switzerland Supreme Court Denies Mother’s Right to Homeschool Her Son

Switzerland’s high court has ruled against a mother who wanted to homeschool her 8-year-old son.

The mother resides in the city of Basel, where she applied for permission to homeschool her son in 2017, according to Life Site News.

School authorities dismissed the application and the court rejected the mother’s appeal.

She argued that the appeal court’s decision was equivalent to prohibiting private learning at home – violating a constitutional right to privacy.

Her argument was rejected by the supreme court, which stated that the constitutional right to a private life does not relate to homeschooling.

Also, the court ruled that Switzerland’s 26 cantons, or federal states, can authorize whether to allow or ban homeschooling.

In Basel, homeschooling is permitted if applicants can show that the child’s presence at school is impossible.

The Federal Court had ruled previously that national law does not distinctly grant the right to private learning at home.

Still, it ruled that cantons may determine how they conform to federal requirements for basic education.

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Source: CBN