Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Says ‘I Can Only Trust God’s Plan’ After Season-Ending Injury

Image credit: (AP Photo)

On Monday, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger reacted to the shocking news that his season was over after suffering a brutal elbow injury by acknowledging that all he can do at this point is trust God.

The quarterback, who has played for the Steelers since 2004, was hurt in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Seahawks and is expecting to have surgery later this week.

In a statement shared to Twitter by NFL insider Adam Schefter, Roethlisberger expressed his frustration over missing virtually the entire year.

“This is shocking and heartbreaking for me, to miss this much of a season and feel like I am letting down so many people,” Roethlisberger wrote. “I can only trust God’s plan, but I am completely determined to battle through this challenge and come back stronger than ever next season.”

Roeslithberger added that he would be working hard with backup quarterback Mason Rudolph who obviously has some big shoes to fill.

“The Steelers committed three years to me this offseason and I fully intend to honor my contract and reward them with championship-level play,” he said. “I will do all I can to support Mason (Rudolph) and the team this season to help win games. I love this game, my teammates, the Steelers organization and fans, and I feel in my heart I have a lot left to give.”

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Source: CBN