John Wesley Reid on How Parents Are Leaning on God After 7-Year-Old Daughter Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury in Freak Accident

The father of 7-yr-old Eva Sherbondy, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling from a golf cart, told CBN News, “God is drawing people towards Him through Eva’s story. If God didn’t have a plan, He would have taken her home.”

In an interview with CBN News, Dugan Sherbondy walked through the initial moments following his daughter’s accident.

Thursday, August 22nd 5:40 pm

“After getting the call from our neighbor saying Eva hit her head and was unresponsive, I just assumed she had hit her head really hard and had a concussion. But when I arrived, which was at the same time the ambulance was arriving, and I saw her I knew something was wrong.”

Paramedics intubated Eva on the way to the hospital, where she immediately underwent emergency brain surgery.

That evening, Dugan publicly called on the Church to join him in prayer, while invoking the healing words of Jesus in Mark chapter 5:

Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, “Talitha kum!” (which translated means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”). Immediately the girl got up and began to walk, for she was twelve years old. And immediately they were completely astounded. – Mark


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I woke up last night at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep. Didn’t even come close. I tried everything. I prayed, listened to worship, checked social media, read FlipBoard, prayed, closed my eyes, had a glass of water, prayed, prayed on my knees, closed my eyes again, played Candy Crush (yes, I still play Candy Crush), looked at MLB scores, prayed, closed my eyes…then it was 6:21 and Phoenix was awake and wanted breakfast. Of course I was annoyed at the idea of being tired all day, but at the same time, the fact that nothing I did helped me fall back asleep made me wonder if I was meant to be up to simply pray more. As I lay awake for over 3 hours last night, even when I was trying to sleep or staring at my phone or the ceiling, I felt like there was a constant rhythm in my heart that kept pounding: Talitha koum Talitha koum Talitha koum As I kept repeating it, I realized something about Mark 5, when Jesus speaks this to Jairus’ daughter. Jesus didn’t tell her to “wake up.” He told her to “get up”, which changed my mindset a bit. I obviously want Eva to wake up, but by using the term “get up”, it implies a total and complete healing. She could wake up and still not necessarily be whole, but for her to get up, her mind and body would have to both be healed…and THAT is what I want for my little girl. And the deeper we journey into this process, the more I’m seeing God healing Eva. It’s like the Lord has to make all these chess moves in the correct order to set up the moment He fully restores Eva. Things like getting one of the best brain surgeons, the swelling going down, breathing on her own, getting all the tubes and IV’s removed, showing more movements and reactions, swallowing, blinking, and yawning, all are small steps of healing God is orchestrating until the moment He tells her: “Eva, get up.” The big step today was Eva’s successful surgery of getting her G-tube put in, as well as an injection into her pectoral muscles to help keep them relaxed so she can relax. Now she is resting peacefully and will hopefully continue to do so until it’s time to talitha koum, talitha koum, talitha koum…

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Eva: The Hebraic derivative for “life, life-giver”

Dugan described the medical staff’s prognosis as “grim” but holds his faith strong that God has a bigger plan ahead.

“The likely outcome looks very grim. Doctors are saying that Eva will likely not be able to see or walk, and possibly not move her arms again. But we named Eva after the biblical term for “life” and I don’t think we named her that by coincidence.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John Wesley Reid