Jason Yates’ Q&A With Pastor Jonathan Pokluda on the Unique Struggles Millennials Face in America

Unsplash/Ben Duchac

Millennials and Generation Z often make it into the punchlines of jokes made by America’s older generations. They’re razzed about being snowflakes unable to handle the difficulties of life who live at home until they’re 30 and exist in a state of extended adolescence.

But, setting aside the jokes, do you truly wonder if the next generations will be able to overcome apathy and entitlement? Maybe you are part of the Millennial Generation or Generation Z and have experienced the disconnect between your peers and the generations before you.

My Faith Votes had a fascinating conversation with Pastor Jonathan Pokluda about the unique struggles facing America’s youngest generations.

Pastor Pokluda, the author of Welcome to Adulting and pastor of Harris Creek Church in Waco, Texas, explains how Millennials and Generation Z-ers can find life and find it abundantly.

When asked about the current successes and challenges facing the millennial generation, Pastor Pokluda believes Millennials are phenomenally passionate and driven by strong convictions, but they lack persistence.

“They do ‘belief’ so well,” Pokluda says, referring to Millennials’ values-driven outlook on the world. “They truly believe they can change the world.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jason Yates