Alex McFarland on Seven Ways Young Christians Can Stay Strong in the Faith at College

Millions of new and returning college students are heading back to campus, and the supplies list is long: Mini fridge, check. New laptop, check. Favorite pillow, check. Plenty of phone chargers, check.

But one serious thing young Christians should have in check is their faith in Jesus.

We know from multiple studies that many young people do leave their faith in college. It may not be intentional, but slowly over four years, faith in Jesus can fade away in college. Students may find it can be difficult to connect with a new church or keep up with Bible reading and prayer without the support of their parents, youth pastor or Christian friends.

Even seemingly simple acts can go a very long way to keep Jesus at the core of a college career, so here are seven easy ways young Christians can help keep their faith strong while in college:

  1. FIND A LOCAL CHURCH: Because you have left your home church for this season in college doesn’t mean you should leave church altogether. Find a local church near campus, commit to attend regularly and join small groups of your peers within the church.
  2. BE PART OF A BIBLE STUDY: Even secular campuses have many resources for Christian students. Find a small group or Bible study to join. This may be made up of young women, young men, athletes or residents of the same hall. Can’t find a Bible study to join? Start one.
  3. MAKE NEW CHRISTIAN FRIENDS: Youth group and church friends are probably scattered across different college campuses now. Be intentional about making new Christian friends that will be good influences and help keep you accountable.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Alex McFarland