TV Producer Cliff McDowell is on a Mission to Help Children Discover God

TV producer Cliff McDowell is on a mission to inspire kids to learn how to pray, form a relationship with God and cope with common childhood struggles.

McDowell is the creator of “Sea Kids,” a new animated show for children as young as preschool that he believes will have a profound and positive impact.

The 26-part series — which is exclusively streaming on and is based on books by author Lee Ann Mancini — deals with topics like bullying, shyness and bragging, while keenly focusing on kids’ relationship with Jesus.

“This show is really going to hit the minds of little children,” he recently told “The Pure Flix Podcast.” “It teaches young kids how to pray [and] how to talk to Jesus, but it also focuses on some struggles that kids go through.”

Listen to McDowell tell reveal his incredible journey to faith and animation — and his path to creating “Sea Kids”:

“Sea Kids” (watch the trailer here) is comprised of all underwater characters, with the bright and uplifting undersea colors and storylines guiding kids to think deeper about the world around them.

McDowell, who is from Toronto, Canada, also revealed his own journey toward faith and filmmaking, noting that he truly started questioning the world around him when he decided to attend acting school in the United States.

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell