Remains of Over 2,200 Aborted Babies Found in Dead Abortionist’s Home in Indiana

More than 2,200 bodies of unborn babies were found preserved in a deceased abortionist’s home.

Ulrich Klopfer was a practicing abortionist in South Bend, Indiana, until his license was revoked in 2016, according to CBN News. After Klopfer’s death on Sept. 3, his family discovered medically preserved remains of fetuses in his house in Illinois. They alerted authorities to what they found.

Indiana legislators are now demanding an investigation, reports Life News.

“The revelation of over 2,200 fetal remains being found on the property of the late Dr. Klopfer in Illinois is seriously disturbing,” says State Rep. Ron Bacon, R-Chandler. “Since these remains were found in Illinois, we are very concerned there may be other remains in the Indiana clinics where he performed abortions.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News