Progressive Evangelical Jim Wallis Says American Christians Need to Reconnect to Jesus and Stop Supporting Donald Trump

Jim Wallis, progressive Christian activist, author, and founder of Sojourners magazine. | Elliott O’Donovan

Progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis argues in his new book that American Christians are “disconnected to Jesus” and must stop supporting President Donald Trump.

Titled Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus and scheduled for release on Sept. 24, the founder of the group Sojourners wrote that he believes the United States is experiencing a political and religious crisis.

“I believe the questions Jesus asked or prompted are vital to our lives and our society—especially right now—both to Christians and to those who are of different faiths or no faith at all,” wrote Wallis in the prologue.

“Given our cultural conformities to starkly different values than he proclaimed, I think Jesus indeed needs to be reclaimed and is worth reclaiming.”

Wallis explained in an interview with The Christian Post on Thursday that he hopes Christ in Crisis will “create a conversation.”

“The narrative on faith and politics needs to be a better one in this 2020 election than we’ve had for a long time. Nobody controls religion, nobody controls God, nobody owns religion. Let’s have faith be the prophetic accountability,” said Wallis.

“The Kingdom of God is not represented by either party. How do we practice the politics of Jesus? And there’s no perfect candidates here. What do we think the politics of Jesus are?”

‘He did not create it, but he is fueling it’

Christ in Crisis centers on analyzing eight teachings of Jesus laid out in the New Testament, usually put into question format. These include questions on how to treat others, what truth is, and how to deal with government policies one disagrees with.

Wallis gives much attention to the current administration, critiquing the rhetoric, behavior, and policies of President Donald Trump, arguing that he is advancing unbiblical ideas like white nationalism.

Wallis told CP that he does not consider Trump to be the originator of these things, but he does believe that the president is more of “a consequence” of things like white nationalist sentiment.

“He’s showing and revealing what’s been happening for a long time. I think the disconnecting from Jesus goes way before Trump and also won’t be solved by an election. After this election, we are going to need a lot of healing in this country,” he said.

“This is not caused by Donald Trump, but I think he has revealed it. He has shown how disconnected we have become.”

Wallis went on to say that he believes Trump is “affirming our worst,” adding, “he did not create it, but he is fueling it. He’s lifting it up.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski