Gospel for Asia Calls Literacy a ‘Miracle Cure’ to Deliver Women in Asian Countries from Poverty

Gospel for Asia says literacy is a “miracle cure” to release women from poverty

With more than 250 million women in Asia unable to read or write, faith-based mission agency Gospel for Asia (GFA, www.gfa.org ) cited literacy as a “miracle cure” to release women from poverty.

To mark International Literacy Day, Sunday, Sept. 8, the humanitarian organization located in Texas said it was publishing a new report titled “Literacy: One of the Great Miracle Cures.” The report is available at https://www.gfa.org/press/illiteracy .

“Across Asia today, hundreds of millions of people — especially girls and women – live in extreme poverty with the humiliation of not being able to write their own name,” said GFA founder Dr. K.P. Yohannan. “We aim to change that — and give girls and women the gift of literacy in the love of Christ.”

Across Asia, GFA-supported national workers are teaching thousands of girls and women to read and write, holding classes in cities and villages.

“Every day, our workers witness the power of literacy education to bring change, hope and a better future to individuals and to communities,” Yohannan said. “Literacy is truly a miracle cure.”

Expanding Opportunities

Literacy has a “tremendous power,” Yohannan said, “enabling people to participate fully in society and improve their livelihoods. By God’s grace, we are reducing poverty, improving families’ health and nutrition, and expanding their opportunities.”

Kaavya, a woman suffering from leprosy, fulfilled a lifelong dream when she learned to read at the age of 64. GFA-supported workers visited Kaavya in the leprosy colony and invited her to a literacy class.

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SOURCE: Assist News