Wow! Russian Orthodox Priests Throw 15 Gallons of ‘Holy Water’ from a Plane to Cleanse the City of Tver of ‘Fornication and Drunkenness’

Metropolitan Sawa of Tver, pictured by the plane door, makes the sign of the cross before chucking a chalice full of holy water out of the aircraft as it flies over the city of Tver in Russia

Russian Orthodox priests have blessed a city they say is suffering from diseases of ‘drunkenness and fornication’ by throwing holy water out of a plane.

The city of Tver, north west of Moscow, received a blessing from above on Wednesday from the patriarch of the city’s Orthodox church, the Metropolitan Sawa of Tver.

Father Alexander Goryachev and two other clergymen were also present for the blessing.

The amount of holy water used for the mass totalled 15 gallons.

They performed the ritual to honour All Russian Sobriety Day.

They also brought an icon of John the Baptist, the patron saint of alcoholics, and the ‘inexhaustible chalice,’ which is supposed to heal those suffering from addiction problems.

‘Any disease is from a virus, and a virus is a demon. Therefore, any disease is primarily a spiritual disease,’ Goryachev told the local news site

It wasn’t until the plane reached 200 to 300 metres that the priests began their mass.

When asked whether people would take the blessing seriously, the clergymen replied to ‘let them laugh and we will do our job.’

The priests have flown over the city performing blessings since 2006 and said that they instantly cured a man suffering from alcoholism during one of their flights.

Goryachev recalled that an alcoholic was sitting with his wife and saw a plane flying overhead and then decided, instantly, to give up alcohol.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Ryan Fahey