Michael Brown on Please, Enough About the Homosexual Penguins

Have you heard the latest? An alleged gay penguin couple is raising their (?) baby penguin genderless. I kid you not.

This is how the headline reads: “Gay penguins at London aquarium are raising ‘genderless’ chick. The 4-month-old, who has two moms, will be the first Gentoo penguin at Sea Life London Aquarium ‘not to be characterized as male or female.’”

Seriously? This is a story on NBCNews.com?

For the benefit of those who read the headline only, the baby penguin actually has a mom and a dad.

This is not the immaculate penguin conception.

This is not a modern-day miracle.

In a million, trillion years, two female penguins will never produce a baby penguin. Count on it.

Another penguin couple produced this little chick, and now these two, purportedly “gay penguins,” are raising it.  (Shouldn’t they be called “lesbian penguins”? Or does that very term reveal the absurdity of it all?)

As for the chick being raised “genderless,” this is a completely misleading headline. Perish the thought!

Rather, the workers at the Sea Life aquarium have decided not to give it a male or female name. That’s it!

As the article states, the chick, now 4-months old, “will be the first of its kind in the history of the famous London aquarium not to be characterized as male or female,” as explained by Sea Life.

They, not the penguins, are calling the baby “genderless.”

So-called “gay penguins” are not raising a “genderless” chick.

And what would that even look like?

Would they dress the chick in a genderless fashion?  (Oops! Male and female penguins “dress” alike.)

Would they offer the chick both boy-toys and girl-toys? (I wonder who makes gendered toys for penguins. I’ll have to research that.)

Would they just call the chick “Child,” rather than naming it Barnie or Stella? (Come to think of it, penguins don’t name their offspring. Drat.)

But this is not the first time we’ve gone this route (although the “genderless” chick part is new.)

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown