WATCH: Pray! Central Texas Girl Fighting for Her Life After Contracting Brain-Eating Amoeba

A Central Texas girl is battling a rare infection at a Fort Worth hospital after her family says she contracted a brain-eating amoeba.

10-year-old Lily Avant of Whitney, Texas is described by her family as “sassy” and a “tomboy.”

“We hope we got to her in time,” her father John Crawson said. “She is a fighter. She is stronger than anybody I know.”

Crawson spoke at a prayer vigil Friday evening outside Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Avant is in a medically-induced coma while doctors treat swelling in her brain, her family said.“She has been a fighter. She came into this world fighting,” her aunt Loni Yadon said. “She likes to put on a show. She likes the attention.”

Avant lives near the Brazos River and was swimming with dozens of others on Labor Day Weekend, her family said. It wasn’t until this past Sunday when she got a fever.

Her mother’s cousin Wendy Scott said she saw a doctor that night.

“They got it checked out. There were several viruses going around the school. It was assumed it’s a virus because of the symptoms are exactly the same, so she was sent home,” Scott said. “She was brought into the emergency room on Tuesday when she woke up unresponsive. She was eyes open, she were there, but she wasn’t speaking. Nothing.”

Avant was eventually flown to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth where she remains on Friday. Her family said doctors confirmed Avant contracted Naegleria Fowleri – commonly referred to as “the brain-eating amoeba or ameba.”

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