Two More Texas Cities Outlaw Abortion and Become ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’

In two tiny Texas towns, abortion is now illegal.

The cities of Omaha and Naples, both with populations hovering around 1,000 people, joined the ranks as the second and third cities in the Lone Star State to pass ordinances making it a criminal offense to abort babies at any stage in pregnancy.

“Because of the Omaha/Naples Ordinance, no abortion clinic will ever be able to move into these cities in the great State of Texas,” Mark Lee Dickson, Director of Right to Life of East Texas, said, according to Faithwire. “Everyone voted in favor of the ordinance with the exception of one.”

The ordinance is the strictest possible law, not granting any exceptions in the case of rape or incest. Emergency contraception, such as Plan B, are also illegal. The cities are calling themselves “sanctuary cities for the unborn.”

Waskom, Texas, became the first sanctuary city for the unborn earlier this year.

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Source: Christian Headlines