Mission Cry Ships Container of Bibles and Christians Books Hong Kong

Protests continue in Hong Kong after three months. At the moment, there is no end in sight. BBC News reports the protests have caused a steep drop of nearly 40 percent in tourism to the city.

But, even in the social chaos, Mission Cry recently sent a container filled with used Christian books and Bibles to Hong Kong. The books, mostly in English, were donations from Christians who no longer had a use for them. Mission Cry sends these resources all across the globe, but it sent this shipment to Hong Kong because of unrest. Executive Director Jason Woolford says he believes God is doing something in this city; Mission Cry wants to resource it.

Books Enroute

Through a strategic partner in Hong Kong, Mission Cry can legally get the containers into the city. From there, the shipment contents are released to a ministry on the ground.

“Who then in Hong Kong has the ability to set up place places, right, where some of the main rioting was going on. He would, he sets the Bibles and Christian books up and plays an organ and sings and people just come and take them,” Woolford explains.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn