Jim Denison on the Joy of Living Biblically

My spiritual birthday was yesterday. On September 9, 1973, I asked Jesus Christ to forgive my sins and become my Savior and Lord.

Think with me about all that has changed in the last forty-six years.

I remember when people called each other on a device called a rotary telephone. The first house Janet and I owned had a shelf built into a wall in the entryway where such a phone was meant to reside. You could get an extra-long cord that enabled you to walk into the kitchen while talking on it.

Then came push-button phones. Then came phones with wireless handsets (and very long antennas). I remember the first bag phone I ever saw—it was “mobile” so long as you carried around a backpack-sized battery. The day I got a phone built into my car was a game-changer.

Now Apple is set later this morning to unveil its latest technology. Analysts expect iPhones with a three-lens camera array on the back and improvements to their facial recognition system. The company may also announce innovations to their watches, AirPods, apps, credit cards, and subscription music, games, and TV.


Technology is revolutionizing every dimension of the human experience. Advances in genetics are helping doctors diagnose, treat, and prevent disease on an unprecedented scale. Retailers are developing ways to deliver their products to our homes via drones.

Mobile devices allow people to work remotely more easily than ever. Autonomous vehicles will enable them to commute to the office while working in their cars. As a result, suburbs will extend farther from city centers than ever before.

It’s hard to identify a dimension of our daily lives unaffected by the amazing advances of technology. Those with the skill and discipline to create and market such remarkable inventions deserve the gratitude of those of us who benefit from their expertise daily.

And yet, despite all our astounding scientific progress, our perennial problems are still problems.

As of today, seventy thousand people have been left homeless in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian. The Centers for Disease Control is investigating more than 450 possible cases of lung disease linked to vapingNorth Korea fired two projectiles into the East Sea this morning, its eighth weapons test since late July.

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Source: Christian Headlines