Bloomfield Hill Baptist Church Cancels ‘Anti-Muslim’ Event Scheduled for 9/11 After Political Backlash

Pastor Shahram Hadian (Facebook/Shahram Hadian)

A local church in Michigan canceled an “anti-Muslim” event scheduled for Sept. 11 after facing intense backlash.

During the two-day “9/11 forgotten? Is Michigan surrendering to Islam?” event, Pastor Shahram Hadian—a former Muslim—was supposed to share his testimony at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church.

Bloomfield Hill Baptist Church Pastor Donald McKay told Fox 2 News last week that he proudly owns the label “Islamophobe” and hopes that the church’s event would open people’s eyes to the truth about Islam.

But the Truth in Love Project’s website yesterday showed that the event had been canceled. Instead, the organization hosted a live webinar last night from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

Hadian announced the new webinar yesterday on Facebook and blamed the event’s cancellation on CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the media’s involvement.

“A BRAVE Pastor planned an event to educate his congregants and the community on the threats of Islam,” Hadian posted. “The event was a 2 day with 2 excellent speakers on the subject. The event was finalized and planned until the media and CAIR got involved. We all know what happens next. The church froze, the Elders submitted and demanded the event be cancelled out of fear. Out of fear of safety for the church, its attendees and speakers. FEAR cancelled the event, instead of digging in and connecting every law enforcement agency to protect them! Once again, a church caved to worldly reason and did not take a Godly stand against the attack!”

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SOURCE: Charisma News