WATCH: Couple Tries to Arrange All 17 of Their Rescue Dogs to Take A Family Photo

They eventually got all of the dogs in position for the adorable photo and most were staring at the camera

This is the adorable moment a couple with 17 dogs try to arrange them all for a family photograph.

Chris Hughes and his wife Mariesa look after the dogs as part of their rescue centre called The Mr Mo Project in Clifton Park, New York.

To show off their unusual family of different shapes, sizes and breeds, they like to bring them together for group photos.

After posting them to their social media, followers questioned whether the images were photoshopped.

So Chris decided to film a behind the scenes video showing just how well behaved and organised his dogs were.

Chris said: ‘Whenever we posted family pictures people never believe how we managed to do it.

‘They think that we photoshop it which is the reason we did the video, so people could see that it’s real and that our dogs are that well behaved.

‘To get them all into place, it takes about two minutes.

‘Sometimes The Stig (a pitbull) likes to walk away but he goes right back to place when we tell him to.

‘The small dogs are the easiest because you just put them where you want them and they stay.’

The couple try to capture one of these family pictures for all of the major holidays, including Christmas.

Chris said: ‘We will do a Father’s and Mother’s Day picture and then a big holiday picture.

‘They have become pretty accustomed to the pictures and know that they get treats after so it pretty easy now. ‘

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jack Newman