Two Apples a Day to Help Beat Cancer and a Dash of Oyster Sauce to Ward Off Disease: Harvard Scientist Dr. William Li Shares the Ultimate Guide to Using Your Daily Diet as Medicine

Harvard scientist Dr William Li has researched specific compounds in certain foods that support the bodies five key defence systems and recommend specific ‘doses’ of foods to help combat conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease (some combinations pictured)

We all know blueberries are packed with health-giving nutrients, and cabbages sit beside broccoli at the top of the vegetable vitality stakes, but who knew a generous helping of oyster sauce could also help to protect you against disease?

All this week in the Daily Mail, we are serialising a ground-breaking new book by Harvard doctor and scientist, Dr William Li.

His lifelong work is centred on the study of the body’s five key defence systems — immunity, stem cells, gut bacteria, blood vessels and DNA protection — and research identifying specific compounds in certain foods that support them.

Oysters, for instance, have been shown to contain natural compounds that support the body’s disease-fighting mechanisms, protecting your DNA against the kind of damage that causes Alzheimer’s, cancer and depression.

Better still, those beneficial ‘bioactives’ become super concentrated when boiled down into oyster sauce.

With insight like this, Dr Li believes you can achieve optimal health, and give your body the best possible chance to fight to keep you well, by eating foods to support each defence system every day.

Today Dr Li shows how the study of food compounds has become so sophisticated we can now recommend specific ‘doses’ of certain foods, confident that the amount contains exactly what your body’s defence systems need to fight any given disease.

In yesterday’s pullout, we explained the important role of your blood vessels (a system called angiogenesis). Today, the focus is on DNA and its incredible ability to protect you from disease.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Dr. William Li