Karen Farris on Dreaming Big

Courtesy of Karen Farris

Across America over 56 million children attend public schools, nearly 20 million students attend college. In this environment of learning, let us not forget the power of personal passion—being allowed to dream big.

I saw the sun gleaming off something bouncing along the shoreline. Intrigued, I walked closer and realized it was just a balloon. I grabbed the ribbon before the wind picked it up and carried it out into the sea.

Dream Big! This must have been from someone’s recent celebratory party—maybe graduation, or a new promotion. Dream Big.

I smiled and thought of Rudy. Those were always his parting words to me every time we met. That was a lifetime ago.

I looked at the piece of paper with the office number the college advisor had given me. She’d said, “Go see Rudy, he’ll set you up for next quarter.” Now, as I walked past faculty offices, I heard him before I saw him. Uproarious laughter echoed down the hall.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Karen Farris