Christian Film ‘Overcomer’ Expanding to 2,125 Theaters

The faith-based film Overcomer will expand to 2,125 theaters this weekend, marking a record and the widest release of any Kendrick Brothers film to date.

Overcomer was in 1,827 theaters last weekend and finished No. 5 when including the Labor Day holiday. It has grossed $20.5 million, according to data at

It was made by filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, whose 2015 film War Room rose to No. 1 but played in only 1,945 theaters at its peak. Their two previous films, Courageous (1,214 theaters at its peak) and Fireproof (905 theaters at its peak) also didn’t expand to as many theaters as Overcomer will. It expanded by roughly 100 theaters last weekend and will add another 300 or so this weekend.

The movie’s expansion is due to a successful opening weekend when it finished third in total gross and second in per-theater average.

In August, producer Stephen Kendrick said opening weekend was key to its reach.

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Source: Christian Headlines