6-Year-Old Uses Disney World Birthday Trip Money to Feed Hurricane Dorian Evacuees and Pray With Them

A compassionate 6-year-old from South Carolina has used the money he saved for a trip to Disney World to help feed those caught up in Hurricane Dorian.

Jermaine Bell, who is due to turn seven in a few days, used the money he’d saved for a birthday trip to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom to purchase hundreds of hot dogs, chips and bottles of water for those fleeing their homes ahead of the storm’s arrival, instead.

“The people that are traveling to go to places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re going to stay at,” he told WJBF. “I wanted to be generous and live to give.”

According to CNN, this unique youngster stood patiently on the highway holding two handcrafted signs in order to get the attention of people driving out of harm’s way – in a day, he served some 100 evacuees.

But Jermaine didn’t stop at providing the frightened residents with physical nourishment, he also offered to assist them spiritually by asking, “want me to pray for you?”

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Source: Christian Headlines