World Mission Works to Bring the Gospel to Kenya’s Unreached People Groups

Their population might have the highest percentage of Evangelicals in the world, but Kenya has many unreached people groups and regular persecution.

Changing Our Outlook

For World Mission and on-the-ground missionaries, the focus is on these unreached nations of Kenya.

“I think every follower of Jesus needs to have a knowledge of at least one unreached people group in their vocabulary, in their mind, that they’re praying for. Whether it’s the Orma, the Waata, the Wardei, the Pokomo, there’s thousands of nations in the world that are yet to have their first gospel witness,” says World Mission Executive Director Greg Kelley.

Currently, most awareness is focused on Kenya as a whole rather than the very different nations that make up the country, Kelley says. These groups can be difficult and dangerous to reach, but they need to be the real focus of the Kenyan Church

Changing Our Mindset

Reaching these groups requires a different mindset and high levels of resilience. Recently, a local Christian named Abdullah walked 50 kilometers to attend a World Mission training session, only to have the place of worship torn down by a mob from his home town.

“What was interesting is that one of the topics in the training was, ‘what is the Church?’ And it’s not about protecting a building, but rather equipping the real Church to engage itself in activities that lead to multiplying disciples,” Kelley says.

The incident was a paradigm shift for Abdullah, who now intends to go into these unreached Muslim communities to plant house churches.

“It’s going to take those kind of attitudes to reach the nations of the earth that are yet to hear about Jesus,” Kelley says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg