Here We Go: Finnish Politician is Under Investigation for Posting Bible Verse on Facebook Rebuking Her Church Denomination for Endorsing Helsinki LGBT Pride 2019

Image source: Facebook/Päivi Räsänen

A Christian politician who is under police investigation for sharing a Bible verse on Facebook has spoken out about her shocking ordeal.

In June, Finnish politician Päivi Räsänen called out the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for its participation in the Helsinki Pride events, sharing a passage from Romans 1 to prove her point.

As a result, authorities opened an investigation into Räsänen, who is a member of The Christian Democrats party and also the former Minister of the Interior.

Speaking to Faithwire, Räsänen said that she was motivated to share the Scripture after hearing her church denomination had decided to endorse events that are in contradiction with God’s Word.

“I was shocked that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, which I am a member of, announced its official affiliation to Helsinki LGBT Pride 2019,” she explained.

“Our Church Act states that ‘All doctrine must be examined and evaluated according to God’s Holy Word.’ Pride events celebrate acts and relations that the Bible calls sinful and shameful. Based on these Scriptures, I asked: ‘How can the church’s doctrinal foundation, the Bible, be compatible with the lifting up of shame and sin as a subject of pride?’”

Despite almost resigning from the church over the issue, the politician instead chose to pray and seek God’s will for her next steps. “As I prayed, I was convinced that now is the time to try to wake up the sleeping ones, not to jump out of a sinking boat,” she explained. “My purpose was in no way to insult sexual minorities. My criticism was aimed at the leadership of the church.”

In addition, Räsänen was determined to hold fast to the notion that “every person has the right to hear the whole truth of God’s Word, both the Gospel and the Law.”

She refused to stop sharing excerpts of scripture and continues to hold fast to a Biblically-informed view on sexuality.

“Only people who recognize their sins need Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins,” she said. “This is why we also must have the courage to call homosexual relations sinful.”

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SOURCE: Faithwire