Church Gains New Believers in Washington State’s Fastest-Growing City

In Washington’s fastest-growing city of Ridgefield, Go Church is gaining ground in reaching new believers and developing a congregation to influence the community.

Started with about two dozen people, Pastor Mark Ford and his wife, Kristy, have led the church in various outreach efforts since launching with public services last fall. That initial public service drew more than 160 people.

The church also recently drew about 160 people to local park for its first baptism celebration. Following a catered barbecue dinner and time for multi-generational activities and conversations, the church baptized 10 people.

“It was simply beautiful,” Ford commented after the service. “Ten stories, ten changed lives. Words fail.”

Standing waist-deep in Southwest Washington’s Gee Creek, Ford talked about the importance of baptism’s public profession of faith and making a personal commitment to Jesus as Lord as church attenders gathered around the candidates.

Ford stood with each of the baptism candidates and shared briefly about how they came to the point of professing their spiritual commitment and getting baptized.

Standing with one of the men, he spoke of the turning point that can occur by surrendering to Christ. “This not only represents the healing of a man,” he declared, “but it also represents the healing of a marriage.”

Of another candidate, Ford offered a general observation for everyone witnessing those being immersed in the water: “He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. None of us are perfect. We’re going to be a church of messed up people.”

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Source: Northwest Baptist Witness