British Lawmakers to Try to Stop Prime Minister Boris Johnson From Pursuing No-Deal Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks in Parliament in London, Britain September 3, 2019, in this screen grab taken from video. Parliament TV via REUTERS

British lawmakers on Tuesday began a bid to stop Boris Johnson pursuing what they cast as a calamitous no-deal Brexit, a challenge that a senior government source said would prompt the prime minister to press for a snap election on Oct. 14.

More than three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, the outcome of the Brexit crisis remains uncertain with a range of options from a turbulent no-deal exit to abandoning the entire endeavor.

Johnson implicitly warned lawmakers on Monday that he would seek an election if they tied his hands in talks to negotiate a last-minute divorce deal, ruling out ever countenancing a further delay to Brexit, scheduled for Oct. 31.

That sets up an historic showdown between prime minister and parliament in a country once touted as a confident pillar of Western economic and political stability. Sterling flirted with some of its lowest levels since 1985.