5 Benefits of Using a Church Management System

Being part of the Church means that you are part of a family.

It means loving people where they are at and walking alongside them. It means keeping in touch and serving with your hands and heart, just like Jesus did.

Keeping track of all the logistics, from volunteer management to ordering snacks for the kid’s ministry, can become quite the task. Thankfully having a church management system can help with all those daily administrative tasks.

Benefits of Using a Church Management System

There are many benefits to using church database software. As the Church continues to grow, the organization capacity must grow as well. We’ve pulled together some benefits that will help you consider if a church management system is right for your family.

1. Instantly Process Online Donations

We live in a world where having online access is important. This is especially true when it comes to the financial generosity of people. In fact, only 14% of tithers want the option of a giving envelope, whereas 68% want a digital option.

In 2015, mobile giving increased by 205%. It’s no wonder when 74% of Americans write no more than one check per month. The way Americans are handling banking is changing.

Having a Church management system in place will help with processing online donations. It will be easy for tithers, and it will be easier for the accountant to keep track of all the data.

2. Improved Member Communication Through Automated Emails & Newsletters

Communication is key for any family. People want to know that they are valued, and heard. Let’s be honest, hand typing thousands of emails would give a killer hand cramp, not to mention take a lot of time.

Sending automated emails will help keep communication flowing, and let your family know they are included. With automated emails, you may want to consider a HubSpot Outlook integration.

3. Financial Analytics, Reports, and Membership summaries.

Financial analytics and reports aren’t only important for the accounting department. They are important to the Church family too! Some tithers use these reports to keep their giving on track.

Having a church management system will save your administrative team a lot of hours pulling these reports together.

4. Allowing Church Members to Sign Up for Events Online

In 2017, a study showed that the use of volunteers in the church rose from 55% to 76%. As you know, it’s hard to get people to give away their time. Making signing up for events online will make it easier to get the help you need.

5. Create Event Calendars and Online Resources.

As we said before, we live in a world where having online access is important. Most people would rather look something up online than have to call for information.

Having online resources and calendars will keep your family up to date. This will also save the receptionist some time from answering a lot of questions on the phone.

Get Your Church Set up With Management Software Today!

Don’t wait until Jesus returns to get your church set up with a church management system. Get your church family set up in the digital age today! They will thank you!