WATCH: Spanish Pop Singer is Killed by Firework After Special Effects Device Explodes During Live Show

This is the horrific moment a performer with a Spanish musical group suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a pyrotechnic device during a show.

The Super Hollywood Orchestra, which has 15 members including singers, musicians and dancers, was performing in Las Berlanas in Avila last night.

While the group were on stage one of the singers, named locally as Joana Sainz, 30, was ‘hit in the abdomen’ with the firework special effects device.

She was rushed to hospital after the incident with severe injuries but later died, reports paper El Norte de Castilla.

Video from the event shows at least nine performers on stage, dancing with the loud music.

Suddenly sparks appear from two pyrotechnic devices at the front of the stage and the one on the right appears to explode.

Ms Sainz then falls floor as her fellow performers rush to try and help her.

The performance was suspended after the incident, which occurred shortly before 2am this morning.

At the time of the performance, about 1,000 people were next to the stage in an esplanade behind the town square.

The 112 emergency service confirmed the accident happened at 1.49am and about 25 minutes later the ambulance arrived.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Rita Sobot