WATCH: Sign Outside Alabama Baptist Church Reads: ‘A Black Vote for Trump is Mental Illness; A White Vote for Trump is Pure Racism’

A sign displayed outside a Birmingham, Ala., Baptist church has sparked a local controversy after it displayed a message that compared voting for President Trump to a mental illness.

On one side, bold letters read: “A black vote for Trump is mental illness.” On the other, “A white vote for Trump is pure racism.”

“God motivates me to take a stand for what’s right,” New Era Baptist Church’s pastor, Michael Jordan, told WTVM 13. “Read the Bible. And look in the White House. If they’re calling me a racist, look in the White House.

“When you vote for Donald Trump, you are supporting institutionalized racism,” he said. Later, Jordan, who is African American, added that he intended to send a message to both black and white voters.

Jordan is not the only religious leader to express political views in the era of Trump. And some have used their platforms to speak in favor of the president. Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor at the prominent Texas megachurch First Baptist Dallas, has become a staunch supporter of the president and frequently appears on Fox News, Texas Monthly reported. He once called evangelical Christians who do not support Trump “spineless morons.”

The president enjoys high approval ratings from white evangelicals, and these voters have stood by him despite numerous controversies throughout his first term.

However, some in Birmingham thought Jordan’s message went too far.

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SOURCE: The Washington Post, Kayla Epstein