‘Laughing’ Mother Whose Baby Son Died When She Left Him and Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Without Food for 9 Days to Romp with Her Lover is Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

Vladislava Trokhimchuk, 23, left her two children to die – Danill, almost two, starved to death Credit: East2west News

A MOTHER who laughed after her 1-year-old son died when she left him and his three-year-old sister alone without food for nine days to romp with her lover has been jailed.

Vladislava Trokhimchuk, 23, showed no remorse when she was charged with the murder of her son Danill and severe cruelty to her daughter Anna who were found in a flat in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Three-year-old Anna was found severely malnourished but still alive.

Her brother Danill, almost two, had died by the time rescuers arrived to the filth-ridden flat.

The pair were forced to eat wallpaper and their own excrement over the nine days they were left alone.

Shocking footage of the flat where the children were left alone locked in their “nursery” has been described as “pure Auschwitz, a torture room for children”, as further distressing new details have emerged relating to the case.

Their mother has been accused of torturing her children for a profit, by aiming to make them look so ill that she could post pictures online begging people for cash.

Fakty newspaper reported court evidence suggesting: “It is most likely she wanted them to look unwell, pale and like skin and bones, so she locked them without food and water.”

Teeth marks were found on the walls where the children tried to eat wallpaper.

Linoleum was also torn from the floor in a desperate attempt to open a gap under the door.

Everything was like in a terrible dream … I do not understand how it happened … I cannot find an excuse for myself.


Trokhimchuk – previously known by the surname Podchapko – was seen looking upset and crying in court.

She appeared at a loss to explain why she had left the children alone for nine days.

The mother explained: “As soon as I could I went to the children – with groceries, and toys.

“Anna was lying on the bed, sleeping.

“I woke her, gave her cottage cheese, and a banana. I kept her in my arms.

“And then everything was like in a terrible dream … I do not understand how it happened.”

She confessed: “I cannot find an excuse for myself.

“I always wanted the best for the children.

“I dreamed they would study, live differently than I do, better. That they would have everything.

“I repent very much.

“I cannot understand what I did, or that God took my son from me and put me here (in custody).”


Local 1+1 TV journalist Valentina Mudryk said: “She knew what she was doing when she left the children in that flat, according to the psychologist’s assessment.

“But she feels no remorse, at all.

“If for the first two months after detention she cried and said she was feeling guilty, now she doesn’t answer judges questions about this.

“She looks calm.

“Outside the court she laughs and chats to fellow inmates, who she leads.

“She does sport (in remand prison), dyes her hair, and lives there like she is in a holiday home.

“Recently I saw an engagement ring on her finger.

“When I asked who it is from, she just hid her hand and said nothing.”


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SOURCE: The Sun – Will Stewart