TENT Schools International and Good Shepherd Center Give Spiritual and Academic Care to Iraqi Refugee Children in Jordan

TENT Schools International’s Rawan Haddad recently visited the organization’s partner in Jordan. The visit let Haddad see first-hand how TENT Schools’ partnership with Good Shepherd Center is impacting Iraqi refugees.

“This is school was established in Amman. They are serving 117 Iraqi refugee children currently in their spiritual, social, academic, and also relationship[s]. Seeds of love and peace are planted in this healthy environment.”

Haddad says most Iraqi refugees arrive in Jordan with their passports but without refugee status. Since these refugees do not have official refugee status, the United Nations and other relief organizations do not offer help. Instead, aid comes from the local Church and Christian organizations.

Refugees Without the Status

Furthermore, these Iraqis are not Jordanian citizens. Again, without refugee status, Iraqi children are disqualified from attending public schools. However, Good Shepherd Center gives these kids a chance for a future. Haddad says Good Shepherd Center is unlike most schools in the area because it is a school full of love, peace, and the opportunity for children to know Jesus.

TENT Schools’ partnership with Good Shepherd Center ensures these kids have a school building, school supplies, water and electricity, and more. But, after years of talking about the refugee crisis, why is this aid still necessary?

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn