Facebook Admits Mistake in Rejecting Pro-Life Group’s Ad and Labeling Photo of Newborn Baby ‘Shocking, Excessively Violent’

Baby Victoria Lee born weighing 2 pounds 5 ounces. Photo taken on Aug. 18, 2019. | Victoria Robinson/Save the Storks

Facebook says a mistake was made when Instagram rejected a pro-life group’s request to boost a post featuring a photo of a newborn baby.

The group Save the Storks says Instagram acted unfairly when it blocked their access to promote the story of a pregnant mother diagnosed with cancer who decided to give birth to her daughter instead of having an abortion, which her doctors advised.

In the post, Save the Storks, a ministry that offers free sonograms and resources to pregnant women who think abortion is their only option, shared the story of Marissa, a mother of two young boys, who, at 17 weeks into her pregnancy, was told that an aggressive brain tumor had returned. Doctors suggested Marissa consider having an abortion so they could begin chemotherapy treatments.

Marissa was told “if she didn’t begin chemotherapy immediately, she was jeopardizing her life,” Victoria Robinson, a spokesperson for Save the Storks, wrote in the Instagram post after traveling to Florida to pray with and support the family.

“For Marissa and her husband Tim, abortion wasn’t an option. She refused to end the life of her child, even at the cost of her own,” Robinson added.

Marissa delivered her daughter, Victoria Lee, premature yet healthy, weighing 2 pounds and 5 ounces, earlier this month. After giving birth by Cesarean section, Marissa began chemotherapy.

Save the Storks told The Christian Post on Wednesday that Instagram had blocked their access to boost the post’s reach, labeling it “shocking, sensational, or excessively violent content.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Melissa Barnhart