President Trump Says It is ‘Absolutely False’ That He Called Daughter Tiffany Overweight After His Personal Assistant is Fired for Spilling Family Secrets and Talking About His Underage Son Barron While Drinking with Reporters

Donald Trump said that he loves his daughter Tiffany after his personal assistant was revealed to have been fired for telling reporters he thinks she is overweight. The president, speaking on the White House South Lawn before flying to Camp David for the weekend (center), said the claim was ‘absolutely false.’ He said the fired assistant, Madeleine Westerhout (right), 28, had been drinking when she spoke to White House correspondents at an ‘off the record’ dinner. She was reported to have said that she was closer to the president than both Ivanka and Tiffany (seen left and inset left this week in New York), and that he could not pick Tiffany out of a crowd. Trump called the claims ‘absolutely false’ and praised Tiffany as a ‘great person.’ Westerhout is also alleged to have discussed the president’s eating habits and his youngest son, Barron, aged 13.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail