Churches in Turkey Face Mounting Pressure as Government Tries to “Snuff Out” Christianity

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

The saying is especially true in Turkey.

Authorities are deporting foreign church leaders and blocking believers’ attempts to choose their own leadership, International Christian Concern reports. It’s the latest in President Erdogan’s attempts to “snuff out” Turkey’s religious minorities.

“There is strong state control over the Church,” Middle East Concern’s Daniel Hoffman tells MNN.

“The more the current government feels under pressure and feels threatened, the more they try to control things and restrict freedoms, including the freedom of the Church to function.”

Trouble for Turkish churches

As noted here by Middle East Concern, “the constitution establishes Turkey as a secular state, affording no privileged status to Islam or Islamic law.” Nonetheless, multiple reports in recent years describe government attempts to align Turkey with Sunni Islam.

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Even though New Testament believers planted churches in Turkey centuries ago, state-sponsored media calls Christianity a Western faith. It’s part of the attempt to tie Tukey’s national identity with Islam.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth