What’s Going On? Ohio Homeowner Shoots Dead Two 17-year-old Boys Who He Says Were Trespassing Inside His Garage at Night

An Ohio homeowner has shot dead two teenage boys who he says were ‘trespassing’ on his property on Wednesday night.

The homeowner has not been named but is being questioned.

He told police that on Wednesday at 9.30pm, he shot the two boys in his ‘garage’. He called 911 afterwards.

The boys have been identified as 17-year-olds Devon Henderson and Javier Harrison. It remains unclear if they were trying to break into the property, or what their motive for being there was.

When the homeowner called 911, he told the operator: ‘I shot two guys. I shot two persons (who) tried to rob… to do something in my house.’

Dayton Daily News, a local outlet, says one of the teenagers’ father’s believed they knew the shooter and had been in the garage before.

Javier’s father Jimmy said he should not have fired his weapon because the teens were in his garage and not his house.

‘It wasn’t in your house, it was in your garage.

‘That’s like 10 feet away from your house, you know so that means you’re seeing some perps out there at your garage, you know, so my first instinct is to call the police,’ he said.