Nearly 100 People Hold Vigil to Support Ingles Cashier Who Was Told to Stop Praying for Customers

Nearly 100 people showed up to a vigil Wednesday night in support of “Ms. Barbara,” an Ingles cashier who was told to stop praying for customers.

According to WSB-TV, supporters at the vigil in Cartersville, Georgia, say management told Ms. Barbara to stop praying because it was creating long lines.

But Ms. Barbara “is very discreet. She doesn’t take a long time,” says supporter Sherry Rogers. “I told them I thought it was a sad day that we could not have Ms. Barbara pray for us again. … There’s people who come in here who don’t buy a thing. They just go through Ms. Barbara’s line hoping she’ll pray for them.”

Supporters created an event called “Prayer for Ms. Barbara at Ingles” on Facebook for Wednesday’s vigil. According to the event description, Ms. Barbara “says a quick prayer over those who give her permission when checking out.”

The event’s plans included saying a prayer over Ms. Barbara in the Ingles parking lot when she got off work at 5 p.m.

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SOURCE: Charisma News