Java Colonic: Everything You Should Know About Coffee Enemas

Are you a part of the 54% of American adults who drink coffee every day?

If so, then you know firsthand just what happens a few hours – or even faster – after you finish your morning cup.

While coffee definitely gives you a jolt of energy, it also has the effect of a natural laxative.

Now, the alternative health world is trying to get their coffee another way – through coffee enemas. We know that a coffee colonic sounds crazy at first, but there are some serious benefits associated with the practice.

Read on to find out what they are.

1. It Stops Constipation

No one likes to feel stopped up, and constipation can lead to some pretty serious health problems if it isn’t taken care of quickly.

This is because caffeine is a natural stimulant, which makes it easier to go.

But it also loosens your stools and encourages movement within your colonic muscles. The stronger those muscles are, the better your experience in the bathroom will be.

Make sure you stay hydrated before and after you try a coffee enema.

Click here ( to learn more about how to safely do a coffee enema.

2. Cleans Out Your System

How do coffee enemas help you to eliminate toxins?

Coffee helps to boost your body’s overall bile flow, which helps to keep your gallbladder and liver in good working condition.

Proper bile flow also means that your small intestine can properly absorb the healthy fats and vitamins your body needs to stay healthy.

Additionally, a coffee enema will increase your body’s production of glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants in your system. Glutathione is particularly responsible for detoxifying the body.

That’s why coffee enemas can stop the overgrowth of yeast, eliminate heavy metals, and even flush out parasites from your body’s digestive tract.

3. Boosts Energy Levels and Your Immune System

What’s one of the biggest benefits of coffee enema experiments?

In addition to giving your energy levels a serious boost, these enemas can also improve your overall immune system function.

Recent research has found that, contrary to popular belief, caffeine can actually block inflammation instead of causing it.

That’s because coffee boosts the production of inflammasome proteins in your body. These are the proteins that are directly responsible for controlling your body’s ability to fight off infection.

As a result, coffee enemas are often popular among those suffering from an autoimmune disorder.

Will You Give Coffee Enemas a Try?

While we know that the idea of coffee enemas can certainly take some getting used to, the truth is that they’re an excellent form of preventative healthcare.

Just make sure you speak to your doctor before you start a coffee enema regime.

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