Gospel for Asia Launches New Bicycle Campaign to Bring ‘Compassion On Wheels’

Gospel for Asia aims to aid compassion workers with bicycles

Aiming to bring “compassion on wheels” into more remote villages in Asia, faith-based agency Gospel for Asia (GFA, www.gfa.org ) today announced the launch of a new bicycle campaign.

The ministry says that in August and September — a period when many Americans enjoy taking their bikes out on the trails — GFA’s goal is to supply 2,500 new bikes to national workers across Asia, propelling them miles along dusty dirt roads to demonstrate God’s love.

In an update for ministry supporters, GFA says that pedaling on rugged-terrain bicycles, national workers bring vital aid and spiritual hope to far-flung villages difficult to get to on foot, ministering for the first time to thousands of people who have never heard the love of Jesus Christ.

Bicycles enable GFA-supported workers to:

** Minister in more villages with practical and spiritual support

** Respond speedily when people request help or prayer

** Act as the local ambulance, transporting people to the doctor or hospital

A heavy-duty bicycle — costing $110 — carries compassionate workers to rural communities that rarely see outsiders. Without a bike, it can take an entire day — or longer — for a worker to walk to an isolated community, often in the searing heat.

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SOURCE: Assist News