UK Watchdog Investigating Concerns Over British Pakistani Christian Association After Director Resigns

British Pakistani Christian Association Chairman Wilson Chowdhry

The Charity Commission for England and Wales is looking into concerns over a Christian nonprofit that provides aid to persecuted Pakistani Christians as questions remain after its director resigned.

The commission, a nonprofit regulatory body that answers to the United Kingdom Parliament, confirmed to The Christian Post that it is “aware of concerns relating to British Pakistani Christians Ltd.”

“We are assessing those concerns in line with our risk framework,” an email statement from a commission spokesperson reads. “We cannot comment further at this stage.”

The Essex-based organization, incorporated in 2013, is known more commonly as the British Pakistani Christian Association and is sometimes referred to as the British Asian Christian Association.

The charity advocates and spreads awareness of the persecution Christians face in the Muslim-majority country and the struggles of Pakistani Christian refugees in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The organization also has provided aid to persecuted Christian families in need of assistance or protection.

In July, the charity submitted a termination filing to the U.K. Companies House, explaining that its chairman, Wilson Chowdhry, resigned as “director” of the organization in late June.

Chowdhry, 44, has become a prominent voice for persecuted Pakistani Christians in the global media and has been interviewed over the years by several news outlets such as BBC, Sky News and The Christian Post.

Chowdhry told The Christian Post that he resigned for “personal reasons.” However, he did not address the Charity Commission investigation nor an accusation that his resignation came on the heels of an alleged moral failing.

CP was contacted by a 31-year-old woman named Lara Hall, who formerly served in a volunteer capacity for BPCA in Australia.

Hall alleged that she was involved with Chowdhry in an extramarital affair that reached its peak during the course of about two weeks when Chowdhry traveled to Australia in early to mid-February 2019.

Hall also claimed to be a victim of sexual violence during the relationship and says she filed a police report against Chowdhry in Victoria. Hall shared a copy of the 17-page report with CP. After the alleged relationship ended, she presented allegations of sexual misconduct to BPCA’s chief donor, which, she argued, later resulted in Chowdhry’s resignation as director.

However, BPCA donor Paul Searle contended to CP in a phone interview that Chowdhry resigned as a director to spend more time with his wife and children.

“He was keen to ensure that he was putting his family first,” Searle said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith