Brazil Rejects Millions of Dollars in Aid From G-7 Nations to Fight Amazon Wildfires

Image credit: (AP Photo)

As Brazil is scrambling to deal with the out-of-control wildfires in the Amazon, the world’s leading economic nations are offering to help.

But some say it’s not enough to truly confront the emergency, and Brazil’s leader seems offended by the offer.

The G-7 nations pledged $22 million to help Brazil fight the fires, but critics say the amount pledged is far too little and the Brazilian government is reportedly rejecting the offer.

As satellite monitoring agencies have spotted thousands of individual fires in the Amazon region, Brazil’s military is deploying 44,000 troops to fight the spreading fires.

C130’s are dropping thousands of gallons of water, and a Boeing 747 supertanker is also attacking the flames, but the fight on the ground is more difficult.

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Source: CBN